Gopher State Tournament

Sign Up Here for the Gopher State Tournament by click the button below! The tournament runs December 11th & 12th.

Please fill out the form and email it to OR drop it off at the Horse & Hunt Club by December 9th.

Learn About The Gun Dog Challenge

Learn about what the Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club Gun Dog Challenge is, it’s history, and how to be apart of it.

Top Dogs

See all the top dogs from the Minnesota Horse & Hunt Club’s Gun Dog Challenge.


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Current 2021 Standings

No Event Data to display - Scoring will be displayed here once events start December 11th 2021!

Dog NameHunter #1Hunter #2ShotsBirds BaggedPenalty TrapsFindsRetreivesMinutesSecondsTotal
BerettaMatt Borchar040442442296
GunnerJeff Ellingson04044342276
BerettaBrad Borchar04044362274
ChanceLandon Churc040443462234
CharlieAdam Rezac040443552225
CharlieAdam Rezac040444142206
LuluKyle Derudde040444202200
ChiefCameron Dunh040444262194
BerettaMatt Borchar040445122148
LuluKyle Derudde040445252135
WinnieBen Thompson04044662094
GunnerJeff Ellingson04044692091
MidnightMark Borchar04044752035
BoTroy Pieper040448371943
ChiefCameron Dunh040448471933
MiseryDan Peterson040449261894
LuluKyle Rezac0405410131892
GunnerJeff Ellingson040449541866
GunerJeff Ellingson030431201440
CharlieAdam Rezac030431201440
OakleyTroy Pieper030331201395
ChaosJoe Gemuende030331201395
LuluKyle Derudde030331201395
BaileyLandon Churc020521201185
BerettaBrian Skluzac020421201140

MNHHC Gun Dog Challenge
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